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Thursday, January 6, 2011

One Mom, Four Babies, and A Restaurant

Last night Jerry went to a basketball game since one of his brokers had tickets and he was past due on some work networking.  I love him because the 1st place he wants to be is home helping me, but I encouraged him to go for work and for a break from us.  We all need to get away from 24/7 kids and wife from time to time and he NEVER gets that break.

As a result, I was on my own.  I had recently purchased Mulan for the kids with the intent of giving it to them at a future date, when they had been extra good or when I needed it as a distraction for them.  Didn't realize the need would arise so soon.  When they woke from napping, we watched Mulan and then I thought I'd try taking them to dinner on my own, which I have never done.

I kinda thought, if I can give them 100% of my attention with games and conversation it would be ok... and it was.  We went to a local kid friendly spot. I ordered their favorite foods and we had a nice time.  It had it's challenges, but I managed.  When the food came, they all started making demands on me at once...  "I want mac & cheese."  "I want ketchup."  "I want a drink."  "I want I want I want".....   WHOA!!!!  Mommy can't take care of everyone at once.  Calm down and I will get to you.    Jadon, you 1st...  here is your Mac & Cheese."

After that, we ate and talked and our waitress (who know us well) was great and got everything out fast, including the check, so as soon as we finished eating......  we were OUTTA there before things went south.

The last picture of the toys my Mom and I thought was too cute.  The animals were meticulously placed all over the train set, from giant bugs to elephants and dinosaurs.

It's funny... below are Kaylee and Cody.  I have two kids with thin lips (Kaylee & Jadon) and two kids with full lips (Cody & Addison), but they all have beautiful little mouths just the way they are.

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  1. You take some gorgeous photos of your little ones. Glad dinner went good. I don't even like going out with 2 kids by my self.


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