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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Babies & Birthdays

When the kids learned that their Cousin Lane's birthday was approaching they made it their mission to make him birthday cards. Out came the paper and the colors and the little artists went diligently to work.  More effort went into to some cards than others.  I think the excitement to tuck them into envelopes and decorate the envelope with stickers got the best of them and the artwork for at least one suffered as a result. None-the-less, each piece of artwork was put into an envelope and enhanced further with stickers.  I was then asked to write:

To: Cousin Lane
From: Kaylee

To: Baby Lane
From: Addison

To: Cousin Lane
From: Jadon

Cody didn't real get what we were doing so he scribbled on some paper, called it a cake and moved on.

When the time came to put them in the mail however... they weren't so keen on the idea of having to be separated from their masterpieces and chose to hold onto them until our vacation in August at which time they plan to hand them over personally.

It sounds like a good plan in theory, but I have serious doubts the nice little envelops with preciously crafted artwork survives that long...  Sorry little Lane....



  1. Great photos! Love the colors.

  2. Ha ha! Too funny about the cards.

    Adorable photos.


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