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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I'm Sorry Camera

If you haven't noticed, my participation rate in photo challenges has pretty much dropped to almost zero.  I still try to hold true to I Heart Faces but as of this morning I still don't have an entry for this week.

I dream of participating in Ashley's scavenger hunt and have taken a picture or two in the past with intent to participate, but soon become overwhelmed with crying kids.

I used to participate pretty regularly in the Shutter Love Tuesday challenges.... way back when....

Now, I'm pretty much hit or miss... if I have a few minutes I might try and link up one of my post with a challenge if my photo seems to fit the bill, but planning ahead for a shot has become a thing of the past.  Time is not my friend and taking care of this home is often all consuming....

Now, I have to apologize to my camera... yes...  You have been used sooo little the last few weeks that I have allowed your battery to die... and the back-up battery....

I PROMISE to charge both batteries today and attempt to move photo taking up on the ladder of priorities...

    Sorry laundry
    Sorry dirty dishes
    Sorry dust and grime
    Sorry un-made beds
    Sorry kids.... oops, scratch that... they will always top the list of priorities!!!

(Oh, I did manage to create a new blog header and hope it works ok... it was a learning experience.)

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  1. I love the new header. I love your little silhouette too. Very cool. :)


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