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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Bed Buddies

The girls (I can't remember how many months back now) started wanting to sleep in the same beds at night.  We are soooo structured in our home we were a bit reluctant, but at the same time it was so sweet and cute.  We decided to allow them to bunk together on weekends only which has worked out great!!  They get some fun time and I only have to make one bed on the weekends (ha, bonus).  Oh, I've done a bit of redecorating in the girls room and will need to post pics soon.

Well, last night Jadon asked if he could sleep in Cody's bed since it was the weekend.  My heart jumped in my chest... Jadon wants to do something with his little brother!!!!!  Hurray!!!!  Cody is still so young that the triplets don't pay him much attention and Cody enjoys antagonizing which isn't helping their bonding... So, Jadon got in Cody's bed and it was lights out.  We checked on them later and Jadon said, "I'm trying to sleep, but Cody keeps talking to me."  He wanted to go back to his own bed... I was soooo bummed....  BUT, when we checked on them one last time before going to bed, Jadon was once again in bed with Cody and they were both sleeping!!!!!  I hope this is an early sign of a growing friendship.



  1. How great that the boys are getting closer - that's really sweet. Ya know, I don't remember having a desire to sleep in the same bed with my sister. However, when I go back home for a visit - I have climbed in the bed with her.

  2. It is so nice when you see siblings creating bonds beyond what you ever imagined.

    I just found out that my youngest has been asking her sister to cuddle when they wake in the middle of the night. Totally shocked me- they are 7 & 10.

  3. That is so sweet. I hope they continue to grow closer.


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