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Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Picture Prompts A Post

Lets talk Cody....

I always wanted 4 babies and getting married at 35 and no sign of babies by 36... I just didn't think it would ever happen.  Six months after my 36th birthday (April 5th to be exact) having gone through fertility (IUI to be exact) we learned we were pregnant and not long after that (exact date documented somewhere, but not in the mood to go look it up) we found out it was triplets.

The triplets were born 4 days before my 37th birthday.  I later wrote an article and we were feature on the cover of Triplet Connection magazine (here).  I started the article with "I always wanted four babies" and ended the article leaving the 4th child decision in the hands of the Lord.  I knew I'd never get loving husband back into a fertility center.  A couple weeks after the triplets 1st birthday, the Lord decided and I found out I was pregnant again... naturally.

Nine months later, we welcomed Cody... our tiny tornado and ALL BOY!!

Cody has never picked up a doll and cares nothing about princesses.   When working a puzzle with Toy Story and Princess pieces, he tossed the princess pieces aside and would only play with the Toy Story pieces.  He is in love with Buzz Lightyear (even has Buzz PJs) and loves to say, "To Infinity and Beyond."

He is strong willed beyond words and fights me over everything... he doesn't want to get in the car, he doesn't want to get in his seat, he doesn't want to brush his teeth, he doesn't want to comb his hair, he doesn't want....  and most currently, he doesn't want to go potty (but he's doing much better).  I think his first words were "No, I done wanno"  When upset or mad he bangs his head on the floor to try and tries elicit sympathy (it worked once or twice so he's sticking with it).

He is rough and tumble... he doesn't comprehend gentle and is aggressive most of the time.  He loves to play rough and tackle....  HE IS ALL BOY!!!!

But, he is MY Rough & Tumble BOY and despite our struggles with little man Cody...  he is funny.  He loves his siblings and copy cats them even when he doesn't comprehend what he's doing.  The inflection in his voice is ADORABLE beyond words.  After dinner the other night I got an unsolicited, "Good dinna Mommy."  He gives the BEST bear hugs ever and his thighs are the sweetest dough boy thighs I've ever seen.

Our plate was FULL with the triplets, but I never stopped wanting dessert....  We now have a full plate and a full dessert cup and I'm enjoying it all (most of the time...)

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!!!!!!  The FOOTBALL shirt which he loves and he knows it says 'football' and the girls headband which is sooooo NOT him....

And I had to get a close up of those freckles!!!!


  1. Oh- I know that feeling- sort of. I don't have multiples- but I have always wanted to have multiples. We have 3- all equally spaced at 2.5 years apart. I have wanted a 4th & even a 5th since I had the youngest- 7 yrs ago. But things just have not been right for that to happen. Now I'm knocking on 35- I wonder if it will ever happen. Or if I will go on never knowing what that was like.

  2. Oh my goodness, great photo! What a priceless capture! He is adorable and sounds a lot like Jack. Jack is all boy, all truck and trains, doesn't want to use the potty either! LOL! But, they really love thier Mama's!

  3. I've always wanted 3 but I need to get started soon I guess. Love that picture of Cody.

  4. Oh my, this is just pricleless! I love it.

    My grandson is ALL boy too, he's precious. He loves to play in the girls little kitchen.

    It's an innocent thing and you sure did a great job capturing it.

    What a cute memory!

  5. Great pictures, I love the freckles!

  6. You seem like a lovely person, but I would like to say that you call yourself a Catholic and any form of artificial reproduction, including IUI, is totally against our faith.

  7. Cute photo and nice closeup too.

  8. Cute pictures! I have always wanted three and trying to have one has proved to be difficult.

  9. Look at that gorgeous face! Priceless!! I would love 4 too! I don't get to stay at home. Maybe 3??


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