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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Little Swimmers

It's almost 7:00am and I'm about to head upstairs and get the kids up and moving.  This morning is our weekly swim lesson which the kids LOVE.  I have seen A LOT of improvement with Addison and Jadon.  Addison is pretty much "pool safe" and has good control when swimming.  She will float, spin, and play before heading to a wall or step for a rest.

Jadon sticks close to the side or step, but now prefers to swim without floaties which is HUGE for this timid little man.  I certainly would not classify him as a dare devil.

Kaylee will get there, but isn't there yet.  She just doesn't have the confidence yet and panics when she jumps in, so when she is suppose to turn around and grab the wall... she tries swimming to the closest person instead.

Then there is Cody.  He LOVEs trying to swim, but he is still such a baby.  He will be in floaties for a while yet I am sure... but I believe he will shock us at how quickly he can swim independently.  He loves talking about how he put his nose underwater and his eyes underwater at swim class.

Ok, off to wake the rowdy crew...  goodbye quiet...


the long road


  1. Awesome shot!

    Yes, my boys are still not ready to swim on their own, but my oldest is getting there.

  2. Well have fun! I'd like to be in a pool today.

  3. Love the shade of black and white of this picture. Great capture!

  4. Great capture!!! You have a beautiful family and a blessed story!

  5. She is gorgeous nd those lips are to die for.
    Nice moment

  6. That is a truly lovely shot!

    Erika B


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