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Monday, June 6, 2011

Monsters Among Us?

Last night, Jerry discovered the girls has moved into the same bed after we had put them to sleep.  They were scolded and put back into their individual beds, but Addison started sobbing... "Please Daddy, Please Daddy... Please let me sleep in Kaylee's bed."  Her pleas were so heartfelt and heartbreaking that Jerry succumbed to the begging.

When I woke the girls up this morning, Addison was on the way out the door, but Kaylee stopped her.
Kaylee:  "Addison, come here.  I want to show you something."
Addison: "What"?
Kaylee:  "See it's Big Dog (her stuffed dog)... it wasn't a monster."
Addison: "Oh, I thought it was a monster.  Mom, that's why I got in Kaylee's bed last night.  I thought her Big Dog was a monster."

So sweet...  I could tell she REALLY didn't want to get in her own bed.

DSC_5905b  DSC_5961b 

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I'm weak - they're way too cute to say no to!

  2. What a cutie! Can't say no to a face like that!

  3. I'm glad they figured out it was a stuffed dog. That's so sweet and the photos are beautiful.

  4. Just too cute, love all these colors!

  5. The colors are so vivid and I just love the composition!

  6. Oh my gosh - she is too cute!! Love the bright colors!

  7. New Follower here :) LOVE you blog... I think the name of you blog is so so cute :) Great pics!! Happy Tuesday

  8. That's a sweet story. Love it and these shots!

  9. The colors are gorgeous. Also... one of my fav quotes is the Elizabeth Stone quote. It is truth.

    Would love it, if you're interested to join in on my Friday - A Family Lives Here posts. Here's what it's about. Here's are some current posts.
    We post every Friday! Cheers!

  10. What a cute story that is.

    And the photos are pretty dang cute, too.



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