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Friday, June 10, 2011

Chewelry, Who Knew?

From a very young age, Kaylee has been biting her nails (fingers and toes) and we have tried our hardest to dissuade her from the activity.  Over the past year her nail biting has progressed to chewing her nails and the surrounding skin which leaves her fingers and toes raw and sore.  I've worried about infection and how this might progress as she gets older.  Once reprimanded for a chewing event, she can go weeks/months without another incident but then she finally gives in to the urge and once again I find the havoc she's played on her fingers and toes.

On Monday, I mentioned her habit to Jadon's eating therapist, Ms. Caroline and after some discussion it sounds like Kaylee's habit is driven by a need to chew rather than a coping mechanism for stress.  In addition to her fingers and toes, she chews fabric, string, hair and any number of other things.  We left Caroline's office with a rubber chew tube and we were directed to the internet to order "Chewelry."  Yes, jewelry made for kids who have a need to chew.  We have a couple chew tubes, bracelets and necklaces headed our way.  I hope this redirects her chewing and takes care of the problem until she gets older.




  1. Oh my- I never really thought about that. My oldest has issue with chewing his nails. He used to chew his toes too- but interestingly has a weird aversion to touching feet now. We ended up making him wear gloves when he would watch TV or while he was doing anything mindless- until he could break his habit of the fingers migrating towards his mouth when he would be bored. We also bribed him with his allowance & the thing he likes to do most- NASCAR. It costs an arm & a leg- so I was looking for a way out of it. He overcame the urge to chew & now I have to take him :) But keep in mind- these things work because he's 13. I think the things you are doing with your daughter are perfect for her age. Wish I would have known about them long ago.

  2. Do you know about Kid Companions Chewelry? They are made in Canada and sold at www.kidcompanions.com They are often recommended by OT's because our wearable or attachable oral-motor tools are stylish and allow a special needs child to blend in while chewing/biting/fidgeting. They are safe, bpa, phthalate, pvc, lead and latex free.

    Kid Companions Chewelry comes on a 100% organic cotton lanyard with a child safety clasp or with a clip. Lanyards available are undyed 100% organic cotton or colourful lanyards in 100% organic cotton, hand-dyed and pre-washed with plant-based ingredients. Durable and washable, our custom made lanyards can be used for any pendant or ID badge and can all be personalized with contact, allergy, medical information and/or whimsical logos.

    We wanted to tell you so if a parent asks you about the choices in Oral-motor tools you will have another type in your 'bag of tricks' or in your Sensory Box.

  3. Wow...what an interesting concept. I hope that does the trick for her!

    I used to bite my nails when I was a kid (and very occasionally I'll succumb to the habit again...the last time was watching the 2004 presidential race...HA!) Our girls have shown no sign of biting their nails (out of stress, I imagine), so I'm hoping that's a good thing...but I don't know when that type of stress habit typically emerges.


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