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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Oh, so deep....

I received a comment on my last post regarding the Catholic faith and artificial reproduction.

My husband and I worked closely with the Church and my family (my father teaches baptism classes and RCIA) in our endeavor to have children and we are at peace with our decision given the help of the priests and deacons.  For any Catholics who are struggling with having children and seeking assistance.  I encourage you to talk to the Church and pray for guidance.  There is so much depth to the Church and it's teachings and I learn more daily.

We just continue to thank God for our many blessings and where we may fail, we ask His forgiveness... where we succeed we sing His praise.

And for all our readers, may you always have sincere motives and good report of others.

I'm off to bed.... Goodnight...


  1. God blessed you and your family, Tracy. That comment was absolutely uncalled for.

  2. I agree the comment was uncalled for. If God did not want for the use of ART he would not have given the Dr's the ability to help deserving families. People who believe that the church doesn't support this, have not been thru the struggles of infertility. This is a serious disease and the world needs to wake up and realize that.

  3. I am completely shocked that someone would say something. Really?? What ever happened to "If you can't say something nice... don't say anything at all" ?? WOW!

  4. Don't let the uncalled for comment play on your mind!
    Kiss each of your four blessings goodnight as you tuck them in!

  5. What I love is how elegantly you responded...it was so full of class!

  6. Thank you my friends for the kinds words of support. I could have chosen not to publish the comment and ignore it, but I thought it was a fair point that I didn't mind addressing. I hope she will continue to follow us and comment as a new friend.

  7. I am sorry if I accidentally offended you at all. Please understand my comment was just out of curiosity. I am truly sorry if this hurt you or your husband. You are lucky to have four wonderful children!

  8. Celine, I so wish I could respond to you personally, but your email address is not attached to your comment so I will respond here and hope you read this. No apology necessary... your question was fair and I truly wanted to answer it and to be honest it has caused me to step back and reflect on my relationship with my faith. The last few days, my faith has grown stronger and my commitment to teach my children about the Church. I can't tell you how much your reaching out now means and I hope you know I was never angry. I hope you will continue to comment and start blogging so that I might get to know you better!!! MANY BLESSINGS!!!!!


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