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Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Little About Saturday

Oh... a busy weekend...

Apparently, June/July is time for birthdays...  We had a birthday yesterday, we have another next Sunday, and then another the following Saturday.  Throw Cody's birthday on top of that and wow... lots of birthdays.

My parents are out of town this weekend to celebrate my nephew Lane's birthday.  Happy Birthday you cute little man!!!

Yesterday morning we had to wake early to attend a "Pajama Party" themed birthday.  It was a super cute idea with donuts, pancakes, and breakfast burritos.  We had Melon Dew the clown who created balloon animals and painted faces.  The kids had a great time, but I think the highlight for all the little bodies was the birthday boys play room.  Woo Hoo... toys we have never seen before!!!

After that we headed over to the storage room and pulled out all of outdoor furniture and spent the remainder of the day in the pool.  When it's just us swimming we let the kids swim in their underwear to keep it simple (hence Cody is just wearing a swim diaper).... BUT.... I think he is potty trained....
DSC_6234b   DSC_6230 


  1. Looks like they are going to love that pool!! It's gorgeous♥

  2. That pool is gorgeous! Summer is a pretty big birthday time around here, too!

  3. What an awesome pool. Seriously gorgeous. Love these shots. :)

  4. YAY for swimming in the new pool. Finished just in time for a fun filled summer.

  5. I love your new banner! :) You are such a talented photographer!


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