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Friday, June 17, 2011

College with a Sippy Cup

Ok, this may be kind of embarrassing because I don't know how many 4 year olds still use a sippy cup... but mine do....  well, until recently.

Our routine is I make 4 sippy cups of Carnation Instant Breakfast every morning with the kids oatmeal.  The kids need calories!  Jadon and Kaylee get whole milk (they need more calories) and Addison and Cody get skim milk.

Once the milk is gone, I clean one cup and fill it with ice water which they share all day.  Drinks are not allowed upstairs, but you will find them in any number of places downstairs.  So, we like lids and spill proof.

Well, recently we started introducing cups at lunch and dinner.  At lunch I let them drink a fruit/veggie blended juice and at dinner they get a cup of milk.  The rest of the time it's water from a sippy cup... but we have actually graduated to cups in our home.  Even Cody who is almost 3 is using a cup.  The change hasn't been implemented without spills and messes, but they have been minimal and they all seem to be doing well.

If it were up to me, I think I'd send them off to College with sippy cups...  Hey, I'd make sure it had their college emblem on it....



  1. for sure! i was just thinking of the same thing, actually. my twins will be 3 in 3 months and even though they can and do use cups, sippies are so much more convenient for all. nothing wrong with them, i don't think. we use straw ones so hey...:) it's all good! with more than one child, easy is sometimes welcomed!

  2. I still give all my grands sippie cups and the oldest is 6!

    Saves lots of spills and messes!!

  3. Oh, no worries. My 4 year old uses them when he leaves the kitchen with a cup. He can and does use cups at the table with no lid, but it just makes for such an easier day to not have to clean up the carpet. And I only have one that young. If there were 4 of them, we'd be doing sippies much, much longer.

  4. Luckily, the daycare introduces cups to them at 2 years old. So that helps!

    They do go back and forth at home b/c we have carpet, but I only let them drink the kitchen.


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